What’s with the name?

Miha Photo comes from my crazy, amazing, Mexican grandpa Sal! He and my grandmother would always call me ‘Mija’, an affectionate term meaning ‘my daughter’. I changed the spelling a bit, but every time I see it written, I can still hear my wonderful grandparents saying it to me in that singsong way they did. Grandpa Sal also always believed in my dream of being a photographer. He pushed me to really go for it, and he was the one to buy me my first round of photo equipment fresh out of college. I still use some of it today!

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been shooting professionally for the last 8 years.

What type of equipment do you use?

I shoot mainly with a Canon 5d Mark II, and have a few other camera bodies, tons of lenses, flashes, and a full portable studio lighting kit. With this arsenal, I can document anything and everything!

What’s your favorite lens?

My favorite lens is my wide 11-22mm: I love the distortions! However, a close second is my giant 70mm-200mm Canon f2.8 lens. It gives great depth to the photos, and they’re just SO BEAUTIFUL to look at!

What’s your style?

Since I’m a pretty energetic, outgoing person, I like my photos to reflect that. In my photos, you’ll see a lot of laughter, color, and life! I love having fun during my shoots, and I think my mentality really transfers to my clients. I want your photos to be just that: YOURS! I’m there to grab those big huge moments in everyone’s lives, but also the quiet, in between ones as well. Some of my favorite shots have been candids that my clients didn’t even know I was there for. I want to capture that crazy face your 2 year old is making right now; the look on a father’s face when he gives his daughter away, and I want each photo to bring you right back to that exact moment 50 years from now.

What’s your turnaround time?

For portrait sessions, I can almost always have the images to you within two weeks. For weddings, my standard is 8-10 weeks. However, if there is a special circumstance, we can always discuss and figure something out!